The Yuba-Sutter Amateur Radio Club

This is a current list of active club members.  Active means dues have been paid for the current calendar year.  If you believe your name should be on this list, or you need to correct your name or details, please click on the link below to contact the club secretary


Linda - KK6SOZ

´╗┐Call Last Name First Name License Status
KK6VZD McLain Chris General President
KM6BDQ Squires Kathleen Tech Vice President
KK6SOZ Maas Linda General Secretary
N6JEY McJunkin June A General Treasurer
N9BD Visalli Joe Extra Board Member
N6CNY Bossard Neil Tech Board Member
KA6FFM Peters Mark Extra Board Member
K1KMC Conde Kevin Extra Board Member
KI6UDF Rogers John Tech Board Member
W6HBU Puckett Herbert R "Herb" Extra Board Member Emeritus
WD6AXM Gartner David C "Dave" Extra Repeater Trustee
KJ6DKM Smith LeRoy E Extra VEC Coordinator
KJ6IYM Andy Boone General Ares Coordinator
KP4MD Carol Milazzo Extra ARRL Section Manager
AD6VU Coykendall Robert L Extra Member
K6CEL Laskey Bennett A Extra Member
K6HDE Peters Leroy "Bud" Extra Member
KA6ETB Whelchel Manna Tech Member
KC9EI Gipson Dave Advanced Member
KD6LOK Poppelreiter Doug Tech Member
KD8PGD Taliaferro Winifred "Wendy" Extra Member
KE6GLM Mason Gary General Member
KF6HGL Rogers Karyn Tech Member
KF6VFP Sylvester-Jose Curtis R Extra Member
KG6RXT Holmes Jr William "Bill" Tech Member
KG6RXU Holmes Richard E. Tech Member
KI6COL Paschke Virginia "Ginny" Tech Member
KI6CSN Sylvester-Jose Marsha L General Member
KI6CSO Knox Eleanor M General Member
KI6HK Lunkley Charles "Chuck" G. Advanced Member
KI6IGV Farlow, Sr Edward T "Ed" General Member
KI6UOX Dworak Jim Extra Member
KI6VWG Schloenvogt Claire General Member
KI6ZYY Moore Lonnie General Member
KK1BUD Meyers Vandel "Bud" Tech Member
KK6DCN Stafford Sheryle Extra Member
KK6GFS Nielsen Gary Tech Member
KK6ISQ Morris Mike General Member
KK6OIO Torlone Cindy General Member
KK6SOV Watson Rosalyn Tech Member
KK6VOS Dunning Alfred Extra Member
KK6VZA McLain David (Chris's son) Tech Member
KM6JIB Atkinson Katie Tech Member
KM6JID Guthrie Brandon Tech Member
KM6NFE McCracken Daniel Tech Member
KM6OGC Meredith Chris General Member
K6JFP Peterson Joseph Extra Member
KM6PNR Hall Devyn Extra Member
KM6RGW Wright Mark Tech Member
KM6RGZ Oates Joseph Tech Member
K6DTH Haymore Dale Tech Member
KM6RHC Weber Daniel Tech Member
KN6WX LaRue Wade Extra Member
N6BOB McClard Robert A "Bob" Extra Member
N6HNS Hammontree Walter Extra Member
N6SDM Marshall Scott D. Tech Member
N6VRH Ansley Clara General Member
N6YLO Murdock Jo Anne Tech+ Member
N7RC Courtway Richard "Dick" Extra Member
W6HKB Visalli Clement P "Pete" Advanced Member
WA1NER Wainer David General Member
WA6OHP Duncan William L "Bill" Extra Member
WB6GCL Edwards Richard K "Keith" Advanced Member
KM6RGY Slack Dave Tech Member
Coykendall Rebecca L N/A Member
Gipson Brenda N/A Member
Haymore Toni Lee N/A Member
Johnson Arkeisha (Wendy's daughter) N/A Member
Meredith Lisa N/A Member
Smith Udell N/A Member

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